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Prayers and Devotions to Saint Joseph

Spouse Of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Confessor And Patron Of The Universal Church

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A Daily Prayer to St. Joseph

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The Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of St. Joseph

Prayer for the Church Militant

A 16th-Century Prophecy

Isidore of Isolanis, a pious Dominican of the 16th century, prophesied that "the sound of victory" will be heard in the Church Militant "when the faithful recognize the sanctity of St. Joseph." He continues: "The Lord will let His light shine, He will lift the veil, and great men will search out the interior gifts of God that are hidden in St. Joseph; they will find in him a priceless treasure, the like of which they had never found in other saints of the Old Testament. We are inclined to believe that toward the end of time God will overwhelm St. Joseph with glorious honors. If in the past ages, during the storms of persecution, these honors could not be shown to St. Joseph, we must conclude that they have been reserved for later times. At some future time the feast of St. Joseph will be celebrated as one of the greatest of feasts. The Vicar of Christ, inspired by the Holy Spirit, will order this feast to be celebrated in the Universal Church.

St. Joseph at Fatima (From Fatima in Lucia's Own Words)

"In October Our Lord will come, as well as Our Lady of Dolors and Our Lady of Carmel. St. Joseph will appear with the Child Jesus to bless the world..." (Words of Our Lady, apparition of September 13, 1917).

"After Our Lady had disappeared into the immense distance of the firmament, we beheld St. Joseph with the Child Jesus and Our Lady robed in white with a blue mantle, beside the sun. St. Joseph and the Child Jesus appeared to bless the world, for they traced the Sign of the Cross with their hands. When, a little later, this apparition disappeared, I saw Our Lord and Our Lady; it seemed to me that it was Our Lady of Dolors. Our Lord appeared to bless the world in the same manner as St. Joseph had done. This apparition also vanished, and I saw Our Lady once more, this time resembling Our Lady of Carmel." (Lucia's description of the vision of October 13, 1917).

Feasts of St. Joseph

The primary feast of St. Joseph is March 19. It is believed that his death occurred on that day. This feast was fixed in the 15th century and was extended to the whole Church by Pope Gregory XV in 1621. On December 8, 1870, Pope Pius IX ordered that this feast be celebrated throughout the Church as a double of the first class. Holy Church also dedicates to St. Joseph the entire month of March. In addition, pious custom dedicates Wednesday of each week to the honor of St. Joseph.

May 1 was established as the feast of St. Joseph the Workman by Pope Pius XIII in 1955. The date was chosen to coincide with the date on which Labor Day is observed in many countries, thus to elevate and sanctify the observance.

Formerly there was a solemnity of the Patronage of St. Joseph, which was celebrated each year on the third Sunday after Easter, then changed to the Wednesday following the Second Sunday after Easter, with an octave following. On that day St. Joseph was honored especially as the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and as Patron of the Universal Church. Formerly, there was also a feast of the Espousal of St. Joseph on January 23.




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