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There is nothing in each person so human as the heart. The heart, metaphorically, is regarded as the seat of spiritual life, the "heart" of the soul.  Jesus Christ wished to be born, to grow up, work and die like us.  He used our feeble human words to give us His doctrine, but it is because His Human Heart vibrated with love and felt all our happy and unhappy feelings, that we feel he is really ours. 

In a devotion to the Sacred Heart, we find the true essence of Jesus Christ. In embracing the Heart of Jesus, we learn to walk with Him as a friend.  His Heart breaths into our spirit the inspiration of strength, and love, and a sound mind.  In the secret places our trials and our doubts, in the hour when our nature trembles on the verge of fall, the hour when our being asserts its immortal righteousness against a base temptation, He is with us, inspiring us with His Memory.  The heart of Jesus calls us to be worthy of His affection and in this in-pouring of life and energy into our heart from Him enables us to raise above our selfishness, into the aspirations which make us despise our transgressions.  His heart inspires hope in the midst of our despair, and gives us the faith to try again when our lives have fallen apart. 

In contemplating the Sacred Heart of Jesus, one is drawn to know more about this Person.  To know Jesus Christ, one must read and re-read the Gospels.  You will find that Charity stands out as the essential feature of His Heart, Its Source.




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