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"In Spirit, a Devotion to Accompany Our Lord"

The Way of the Cross probably started soon after Our Lord's death. Surely His mother, Mary, and the Apostles walked over the same sorrowful route many times afterwards. Even today devout pilgrims tread the "Via Dolorosa," the sorrowful way, from Pilate's Praetorium to Calvary. Since it was impossible for most pilgrims to visit the original site, reproductions of The Way began to appear. 

In the 15th century Blessed Alvarez, a Dominican, erected in Spain groups of Chapels in which were painted Passion scenes. The Franciscans probably are responsible for the Way of the Cross devotion. Throughout Europe they erected the Stations in their churches, obtaining rich indulgences for them. However, a uniform number was never used and at one time 37 stations were erected. Finally pope Clement XII fixed the number as 14 in 1731.

How to Make the Stations of the Cross

Carry a small Crucifix or Cross while making this devotion if possible. At EACH Station of the Cross, recite ONE Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, taking a moment to reflect on the meaning of each Station before continuing to the next. 

After the devotion is finished and prior to leaving, recite Five Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for the five Sacred Wounds of our Lord, and One Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, for the intention of the Holy Father.

To view the Rosary and Promises of the Holy Wounds

To view the Devotion of the Seven Words upon the Cross

To view the Fourteen Promises made by Our Lord to those who have devotions to The Way Of The Cross.

I.  Jesus is Condemned to Death

II.  Jesus Bears His Cross

III.  Jesus Falls the First Time

IV.  Jesus Meets His Mother

V.  Jesus is Helped by Simon

VI.  Jesus and Veronica

VII.  Jesus Falls a Second Time

VIII.  Jesus Speaks to the Women

IX.  Jesus Falls a Third Time

X.  Jesus Stripped of his Garments

XI.  Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

XII.  Jesus Dies on the Cross

XIII.  Jesus is Taken From the Cross

XIV.  Jesus is Laid in the Tomb


Jesus, You became an example of humility, obedience and patience, and preceded me on the way of life bearing Your Cross. Grant that, inflamed with Your love, I may cheerfully take upon myself the sweet yoke of Your Gospel together with the mortification of the Cross and follow You as a true disciple so that I may be united with You in heaven. Amen.




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