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Prayers for all Occasions, Needs, and Intentions


Retold for Children of all ages

Book 1

Introduction to The Holy Bible  |  God - Who is God and What is He Like  |  The Beginning  |  God Makes The Heavens and Earth  |  The Angels  |  The First Seven Days of Creation  |  The Garden of Eden  

Book 2

In The Garden  |  The Fall  |  Adam's Children - Cain and Abel are Born  |  Sin and Punishment  |  Noah and the Flood - God Destroys the Wicked People - Noah and His Family are Saved  

Book 3

The Tower of  Babel - The Semites Displease God  |  Abraham And The Promise  |  The Promise Land  |  Abraham Saves Lot  |  Abraham Makes A Contract With God  |  Ishmael  |  Abraham Has Visitors

Book 4

The Guilty Cities  |  Abraham's Two Sons  |  Abraham and Isaac  |  The Great Promise - Abraham, Father of the Faithful - God Lays the Foundation for His Church  |  A Wife for Isaac  |  Jacob, Son of Isaac 

Book 5

Jacob Leaves Home  |   Wives of The Patriarch - Jacob and His Conversion - Tithing  |  Joseph and His Brothers

Book 6

Josephís Family Moves To Egypt  |  The Promised Land  |  The Formation of Godís People  |  A Prophecy of Christ  |  Moses And The Promised Land  |  Pharaohís Daughter Finds A Baby  |  Moses Marries The Daughter of Jethro  |  The Burning Bush

Book 7

Moses Follows Godís Commandments  |  The Ten Plagues   |  The Passage Through The Sea  |  Living In The Desert  |  Moses And The Christ Who Was To Come

Book 8

The Ark And The Tabernacle  |   The Ten Commandments God Gave to Moses  |  Comments Of Christ And His Saints

Book 9

The Forty Years Wandering  |   Josue, The New Leader  |  Samson, The Strong Man  |  Ruth And The Kings Family  |  Samuel, The Kingmaker  |  The Boy And The Ark  |  Samuel, Priest and Prophet  |  Saul, A King For Israel  |  David, Godís Favorite  |  David Visits The Army

Book 10

The Story Of David  |  David Kills A Giant  |  David And Jonathan  |  David An Outlaw  |  David The King  |  Godís Promise To David  |  Davidís Sin And Punishment  |  Davidís Psalms  |  The First Psalm  |  Solomon, Peaceful and Wise

Book 11

The Ideal Wife  |  Bad Kings And Holy Prophets  |  Jonas, The Man Who Ran Away  |  Isaias, Prophet Of The Coming Christ  |  Tobias And The Archangel  |  Judith  |  Daniel, Prophet In A Palace |  Ester  |  The Trial Of Job  |  Godís People Come Home

Book 12

The Story Told In The Gospels  |  Preparing For The Christ  |  A Wedding In Nazareth   |  Mary Has A Visitor  |  Mary Visits Elizabeth

Book 13

Christ Is Born  |  The Shepherds Come To Visit  |  The Holy Family In Bethlehem  |  To The Temple  |  The Wise Men  |  The Holy Innocents  |  The Holy Family In Egypt

Book 14

The Holy Family In Nazareth  |  Jesus, Lost And Found  |  The Christ Makes Himself Known  |  Jesus Has A Bout With The Enemy  |  Jesus Makes Some Friends  |  A Wedding in Cana

Book 15

New Friends And Enemies For The Son Of God  |  The Woman At The Well  |  The Cure Of The Officerís Son     |  Nazareth Loses Itís Chance  |  Fishers Of Men  |  Miracles  |  A Favor For A Roman Soldier  |  The Poor Widow Of Naim  |  Jesus Forgives Sins  |  Jesus Calms The Storm

Book 16

Jesus Is God And Can Give Life  |  Sunset For John The Baptist  |  The Loaves And The Fishes  |  Jesus Walks On The Water  |  Making Men Ready For The Blessed Sacrament  |  The Rock And The Keys  |  The Teachings Of Jesus  |  The Sermon On The Mount  |  How To Pray  |  Lessons On Love For God And Man  |  Lessons On Godís Mercy  |  More About Saints And Sinners

Book 17

The Rich Man And Lazarus  |  The Church, The Kingdom Of God  |  Jesus Shows His Glory  |  The Church And The Shepherd  |  Invitation To The More Perfect Life  |  Breaking The News In Jerusalem  |  Good Friends In Bethany  |  The Last Passover  |  Palm Sunday

Book 18

The Holy Week  |  The Last Supper  |  The Last Talk  |  Jesus Begins His Sufferings  |  Jesus Is Tried Before The High Priest  |  Jesus Is Tried By The Governor  |  The Sorrowful Way  |  Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross

Book 19

The Lamb Of God Is Sacrificed  |  Easter Sunday  |  The Wonderful Forty Days  |  The Great Commission  |  Jesus Goes Back To Heaven  |  The New Church Is Confirmed  |  Saul - Paul  |  The Church Catholic or Universal




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